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AMERICAN LEGEND Aircraft Company was founded expressly to develop a light-sport certified version of the venerable Piper Cub airplane. From the outset, it was determined that these beloved aircraft were so pure in their design and so honest in their handling that something must be done to keep them flying.

While many Piper Cubs remain viable today, there is a yearning within the flying community to continue to appreciate these great aircraft. What was great about the Piper Cub for the past 85 years is still great today.

Pilots understand that keeping these aircraft TRUE to the original is the only way to keep their widespread appreciation in check. So when the folks at American Legend set out to build a new Cub, they knew it must look and feel just like the ORIGINAL.

Upon surveying Cub owners of the past, the company determined that a few small changes would lead to a rebirth of the Cub. These changes would simply fix the peculiarities that pilots had become accustomed to.

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